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Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 3:11 PM to Writing Corps.
I write because sometimes i feel like my mind can't hold all my qualities. i feel as if I'm trapped in a maze if i can't express myself. When write i write about my life telling every nation of my life and all the trails I'm in. I write in continuos form to measure myself. Writing simply frees my mind.

                                                By: Chante Abernathy   
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 2:48 PM to Writing Corps.
Writing has been something that has changed my life tremendously. In some ways it really helped me through my childhood, one that could be rough at many times. I have no write to complain since most people have rough childhoods and have things happen to them. However, to find writing in my life and have it change so much about how I viewed my situation is worth sharing. 

When I was really young my parents got a divorce, as any of us know that went through that, it was devastating. When your a kid you don't expect things like that to happen to you. When it did  I went through a lot of stuff all at the same time. Family problems were of course there, and truly I was a lonely kid. I didn't have many friends and I was a slightly strange kid. This went on for a few years. Being a loner I found things to keep myself busy. One of these activities was running around my lawn fighting invisible monsters. It was my own world away from everything. I was the hero, and it was a world I could control. As I got older this became problematic for obvious reasons. It was awful hard to fight monsters when your in the 6th grade at school. Kids don't tend to see them and your not as cool as the imaginary you. Thats when we had a week program of writing at our school.

This program was going on to give us a intro into poetry and short story writing. I took it very serious while learning this stuff. After this program I began to turn my imaginary worlds into stories. In no time at all I had written enough stories to probably drive my mom crazy. This really helped me while growing up, made me feel special. We often had to write short stories for school, and I was up for it. Other kids always told me I was a good writer, and for me at that point in my was priceless. From that point on I've written short stories and poetry. 

Finally as time went on I didn't feel so sad and even ended up going out for sports. I made a big turn around and began making friends and becoming social. I went from the shy loner to the outgoing football player. I guess I can't be sure whether or not writing was the cause for all the events I have just disclosed but if not it still makes a good story to tell. Either way it made me realize that maybe this world and my imaginary worlds didn't have to be oceans away from each other.    
By: Cody Bentley

Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 2:41 PM to Writing Corps.
Writing, or the thing that I do between long spurts of procrastination, is a unique process. It's so unique that everyone does it a little differently, but it's basics reign universal. We all write. We all put the pencil down and eat a sandwich. We all hit the wall. We all get too drunk and pass out before writing down that great idea. 

Personally, I write for class, money, experience, and most of all for the love of the game. I've written billions of characters over the years. Everything from movie reviews to poems (mostly awful poems) to award-winning sports columns. Let's hold it right there before this gets too pretentious, as I already am writing in public like a terrible aspiring screenplay writer living off his parents after college paying $4.68 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Well, not totally in public as the blogging in the Student Center is done in a back room to get the mother's basement feel that all us bloggers need. 

Anywhoo, that's it for me. And remember, writers, it's alright to go outside. Well, every now and then. 

--Nick Shlain

Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 2:34 PM to Writing Corps.
I'm not a great writer.  I am however great at speaking.  When I was in Middle and High school I used to write all the time.  I spent a lot of time writing about lost love, about emotions that made no sense to me and about life in general.  Again, I'm better at speaking, yet there are times when words spoken words fail and you just find yourself sitting down and embracing the written art.
   With writing, I am free.  I can say anything and everything that could possibly pop into my head.  I can cry when I'm writing but all that matters is the feeling of being all together cleansed from the writing.  Not many people I know enjoy writing, and I think that it's a shame.  Personally, I write poems.  I write in diaries and on napkins. I just write. It doesn't matter that it doesn't make sense in the end, all that matters, in my opinion it is the feeling of cleansing that happens during and after the process that matters most. So write, I say. Write like your life depends on it.
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 2:18 PM to Writing Corps.
i like to write about thinks which i have never heard of before. The last thing that  have wrote was an micro fiction poem.  Ilike o write with passion from the heart thats why i wrote an mircofiction. I write to calm and further my mind for success Also, to expand my vocabulary skills and writing.
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 2:14 PM to Writing Corps.
Hi my name is Tracie and I love to write, mostly when I am not being force to do so.  My writing is most influence upon emotions.  I tend to write more when I am not happy or confused.  This trend started when I was younger.  Often as a little girl I would barricade myself in my room with a book.  I enjoyed a love for reading, and found escape in different stories, from my own reality. Now that I am older, my love for reading has transformed into a love for writing.  Although I love reading other authors, I am my most favorite.  There are many stories to tell, and many ways to tell them.  I determine the outcome!  I don't necessarily have to be upset to be inspired to write(therapy, I call it), but I love humor, and I sort of think of myself as a comedian.  If I am an a humorous mood, I will write also. This is Why I write.

How I write.. .  I write better in the wee hours, when everyone is still.  I really need quiet, no distractions.  I also find it easier to use a word processor rather than a pen, or pencil.  A word processor works best for me only because my mind can move a lot faster than a pencil, and I am quick to loose a thought.  Oh, and chocolates with a cup of coffee also helps.

What I write....Top of the list is poetry.  I'm not too expressive verbally, but I can really put it down on paper.  I also like to write short stories..a little drama, and some comedy.
One day I would love to write my own biography...
-------By Tracie Kirk
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 2:10 PM to Writing Corps.
I always put down the goals that I have or want to reach.  This could be in school or in my sporting events or just things in everyday life.  I am a track and field athlete and at the begging of every season I put down my short and long term goals and make sure it is in a spot so that i can see it and always reminding myself of them.  At the dinner table o always have a piece of paper that I put things on that I would like to get done for the day, like do the dishes or finish my laundry.  This is the main writing that complete.  By doing this I get more things done and try to be more organized and become a better person.  
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 2:07 PM to Writing Corps.
I think facebook is the new, modern form of communication. It is great for students that are quiet but have a lot to say. It is also good students to comunicate to others. It has many applactions that helps people socially and for advertisement. They actually have areas where you can sell your own personal items. You stay connected to lost friends too but it also has a down fall employers are now looking at pages to determine who they will hier
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 2:06 PM to Writing Corps.
 I consider myself to be a good writer. I love to draw so naturally when I draw I add a story line or some type of wording to my art work. It then turns into a comic. I really don't get writers block on things I love to write about like sports or cartoons. My one problem that I have is that i usually write how I talk. Don't get me wrong I am a very intelligent young man but sometimes it is a lot easier for me to write what I want to say if I write it the way that I would say it if that makes any sense at all. When I do write about things, I usually have my mother proof read it because she is excellent writer in my eyes. If she can't proof read then I have three or four different people proof read in her place. I love my mother with all my heart and she is the reason  why I write. I remember about five years ago i was drawing several different pictures of the same thing but in different ways. My mother took a look at them and told me that I should add words to the pictures. She told me to make a comic. I told her thats what I was doing, but there were no words to it. My plan was to get whoever was looking at the comic to add there own words to it. So we I did both, one with words and one without. She is the reason why I write.

-By Trevon Paris
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 2:01 PM to Writing Corps.
I have never been one to enjoy writing anything.  Writing is not a very active event and i am a very active person.  I would rather be doing pretty much anything besides reading or writing.  Some people may consider me ignorant or stupid for having such views but i could care less.  If i am happy doing something else why would i make myself unhappy by writing. I write because i have to write.  I get assignments and papers and essays at school and that is why i write.  when it comes to what i write i write whatever is assigned.  I dont write for my own enjoyment, only for credit in the classroom.  It is not that im a bad writer its just not any fun for me. 
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 1:56 PM to Writing Corps.
Since i have been at Eastern I have got better with my writing skills. I have a better understanding of all the things that i need to focus on while I'm a writing a piece. I have learned about many different genre that i didn't know about. When i write i just take whatever I'm thinking and just let it all out on the paper. The National Day of Writing, along with my english teacher has helped me a lot with writing and i am progressing day by day.
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 1:56 PM to Writing Corps.
I like to write short stories, poems, and timelines. I like to use these certain genre's because they're fun and interesting, and also because i can write about myself and thats an easy task to complete. I write because it's a way to better myself as a writer and also to put thoughts in my head into words on paper to present a story or visual picture.
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 1:27 PM to Writing Corps.
When i do write, i enjoy writing about things that i believe i would have fun writing about. Being that this is true i feel very comfortable writing about something that has to do with myself. I enjoy writing about sports that i have participated in and just general different things and hobbies that i like to share my knowledge about. How i write seems to work out very well for myself. I always find a lot of information about the thing i try to write about and run with that until i am convinced that it is interesting. I usually write because my classes make me do it, but it does not mean i do not like to do it.

-Chase Fabbri
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 1:07 PM to Writing Corps.
From my experience, writing is an element of surprise. someone may find out so many things about themselves in writing a biography or a story. After I'm done writing a paper, I am amazed at the manner in which that I was able to express myself. For some reason the mind finds it easier to free the full content of itself on paper. Things come out the way you want them too when writing, contrary to when you are speaking. sometimes speaking can deceive us and make us appear as someone that we really are not, but in writing not only is it easier to be yourself, you can also be anyone you want to be it's more fun. 
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 1:04 PM to Writing Corps.
There are times were many people face reality. Were you feel like you don't belong or make mistake's that you don't want to face or even see the outcome of it. but you learn from your mistakes, which make's you a better person overall. A new beginning focuses on the new you from who you once wore to who you have became. 

"Tranisha Willis"
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 12:55 PM to Writing Corps.
I was ten years old when I stumbled upon my mom's old poetry. Tucked away in my basement, these yellowing sheets of paper opened a new realm of possibilities for me. 
The poetry helped me to feel connected to my mother again, who had passed away due to breast cancer two years earlier. Since her death, I found it hard to feel close to her. It was my sister who always received the complement, "You look just like your mom." It never seemed fair to me, that I had nothing to connect us again.
The day I found her poems was the day I found our connection. I realized that even though mom wasn't with me anymore, I could still make her a part of my life. Writing became my passion, just as it was hers. 

By Kristine Trickey
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 12:27 PM to Writing Corps.
Ok so i am a writer. A lot of people ask why do i write or what do i get out of writing, well to answer that i write because i have trouble expressing my feelings so writing kind of helps me express what i feel or how i feel. What i write? well i write poetry there is no specific kind of poetry i write, what ever i write is how i feel at that moment. How i write? I'm not sure how i write i just write its a great way to relieve stress and a very good way of expression.

By: Elqueon Ormond
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 12:27 PM to Writing Corps.
By Christine Bailey
Ever since I was a little girl I only liked to write what I wanted to write about. To this day....I am still as stubborn as I was then. When a teacher tells to me write about something that I have no interest in I will put it off until the last minute, but not anymore. On my first day here at EMU I was nervous of what would be expected, but then I went to English class. My teacher told us she wouldn't make us write about anything WE didn't want to write about....I was soooo excited!!! Now I do my homework waaaay before it's due and I actually spend time on it. When I first started writing I did poetry because I wanted to be just like my oldest sister. Poetry is a way to express feelings in a powerful way and I enjoy it a lot. So I am more of express my feelings kind of person rather then here's the facts kind of person. BUT today we are having a National Writing Day here at EMU and some of the activities are actually helping me with my writing! =)
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 12:20 PM to Writing Corps.
It doesn't take much time for me to answer why I write--I write because I like being in power in my surroundings.  Using words means that I have to understand how their implications and uses in society.  So I interact with words--writing, speaking, reading, singing--to stay active with my presence.  I want to define how this society will represent me; writing means I control those words.  I write to declare myself!  Look, I am right here.  
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 12:19 PM to Writing Corps.
Before this semester I never really took the time or even considered sitting down and actually writing with a purpose other than for a research paper, homework assignment, etc, etc. Taking an English class this semester with a professor who is so passionate about writing has really been infectious for me. I have started writing as therapy. It has suprisingly helped me deal with some hard times in my life that I had previously never really dealt with in this one. Honing in on memories and putting them on paper is such a beautiful form of expression and therapy in my life now. I will be forever grateful to my professor for that.

By Rachel Sower
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 12:16 PM to Writing Corps.
what i write about usually has to deal with my life, and the problems that i encounter as a 17 year old girl at college. i write in weird ways, usually in a rushed period of time because my patience is so short. i am very ADHD and i find myself distracted by every little thing (AKA the internet! ) i write for my english 120 class, or if I'm very frustrated.

kelsey janowiak
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 12:02 PM to Writing Corps.
Many people ask me as a poet why I write what I write and what do I write about. These are very common questions and I have had a lot of time to think about them. I write what I write in poetry to convey a point. I feel that publishing my work on a poetry site or just sharing with a friend has a huge impact on their lives. Now some people look at my work and go oh it's fine, it's just a poem, but some people have read my poetry and been pulled to tears, saying that it touches them deeply and they can connect with my work. I chose to write in poetry because people seem to like to read poetry more than just a long story. When I write poetry I try to take life experiences and put them into the forms of poetry with meaning and a lesson for my readers. I use words that catch the readers eye and make it so that I can connect with them, no matter their age, gender, nationality. So in short, I write to connect to people deeply using poetry and writing subjects like love, hate, friendships, and peace.

By Luke Rondeau
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:58 AM to Writing Corps.
Writing seems to become more and more apart of my life since I started school.  Every year there seems to be some sort of task that seems like a big deal that has to do with writing.  I usually dread it but for some odd reason when I actually get motivated and lost in my thoughts of what I am putting on that paper it actually feels pretty good.  I can usually get some good stuff written.  There are a few things that I won't forget in my writing history.  One of them is a Human evolution essay that I wrote for my advanced biology class my senior year of high school.  I feel that this paper will stick with me for a while because I put a lot of energy into it and had some fun while doing it.  It was very interesting.  Also I remember a report I did in 3rd grade on president Andrew Johnson.  That was my first real research assignment and I got an A! I was so excited about it.  Most of the reasons why I write I for school.  I do not believe that I am the type of person that would just write if it wasn't for school.  I do enjoy writing for school and trying to put my ideas into an amazing paper.
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:57 AM to Writing Corps.
I used to hate writing papers for class or writing in general all through high school and early college.  Now I actually enjoy writing and I don't get discouraged when I'm given an assignment that requires me to write.  Last year I started a daily blog on google and really enjoyed sharing my thoughts from the day with people I knew and didn't know.  I don't do the blog anymore because I found myself running low on time and studying increased.  I think writing is a good way to get my thoughts down and it's nice to go back and read after a time away from it.
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:51 AM to Writing Corps.
During ones childhood he/she may not care or think about how the choices they make while they are young will create a path for their future. Many people have the dream of being successful and wealthy but if one doesn't begin to pave the way early for the life they desire, it wont be given to them. People mix hard work with hardly working and they wonder why the choices they made didn't benefit them in the end. Every decision you make is an important one no matter how small it may be and you never know what your future holds because only time can define your existence.
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:49 AM to Writing Corps.
When I write I am usually writing to complete an assignment for school. I Write whatever the teacher tells me to write. I do not typically write for fun so other than school work I do not really write anything else. How I write. I think of an idea and just start writing. I will edit my first draft and fix it up and then write it again for the final copy. I write because if I want to earn a good grade in English, I have to write.
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:49 AM to Writing Corps.
Hello to whom may be reading this. My name is Benjamin Riegger. I am current student at eastern michigan university. I currently write a lot of essays but i enjoy writing poetry. I also write a lot of song lyrics and such. I write wit emotion and very strong emotions at that. I believe if i have a feeling i can write about it because it helps me get my thoughts out. It also helps me clear my mind. I write mostly to express myself and mostly to help get my thoughts down. I want people to feel my emotions and feelings in all of my writings. 

By: Benjamin Riegger
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:42 AM to Writing Corps.
As a child, writing started out as a fun, inviting activity. Often I wrote poetry, short stories, and journals expressing my creativity and youthful prowess without any concern for real world issues and harsh realities. I would like to say it stayed that way throughout my childhood, however things quickly changed once I entered third grade: a teacher of mine threw away a poem I'd written for a poetry contest an that's when I felt ashamed of my writing for the first time. I stopped journaling, writing poems and short stories after that, and I focused on anything except writing. 

I've had many instances of this memory play out in my life, removing me from the path of writing for writings' sake; but it seems like there's always something to get me back on track. Something always calls me back to writing. I think it is the feeling of freedom and sheer enjoyment I feel putting pen to paper and exposing parts of my thought process and creativity I wouldn't reveal otherwise, not even to myself. So as I embark on my journey through graduate school, I remember that it's not about the destination of writing - anyone can finish a paper. What's most important is my journey through the process of learning each time to love writing itself.
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:19 AM to Writing Corps.
I write whatever i am required to write about 90% of the time. The other ten percent is my personal thoughts, what i think, feel, want, or need at the given time. How i write is pretty common for the average college student i think. I usually just free write using all the information i have and then later on go back and edit what isn't needed. The reason why i write is to put down my thoughts onto paper or to record something down. Sometimes i just want to write for mere entertainment.
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:16 AM to Writing Corps.
Journals are the BEST thing since sunshine. I love to write about my daily life, thoughts and feelings. I write my journals as if I were speaking to a friend. I let my thoughts flow in and out. Random sentences and no reasoning to my format is my style. I love to copy quotes and reflect on them. I write to remember. Looking back on my days as a freshman in high school is so fun and I want to have that same experience five years from now when I want to remember my freshman year of college at EMU! When I'm 78 I want to be able to pull out my old journals and know every detail of my memories. A journal is like a picture put into words. EXPRESS YOURSELF and go buy a cool journal =] That is the best advice I can give =]
By: Tara Hineline
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:15 AM to Writing Corps.
I had a teacher in high school who was by far my favorite.  He taught freshman lit. classes and a seniors creative writing class while also being the director of our drama troupe.  I took his creative writing class, and he taught me everything i know about writing.  Everyday we would walk into the classroom and there would be something on the white board...a muse of sorts.  We would get about fifteen minutes to write whatever the muse made us think of. He always told us that it didn't matter what we were saying, even if we actually said nothing at all.  The most important thing was that we never stopped moving our pens.  If you hit a road block and weren't thinking anything, which happened occasionally, just write "i don't know" or "I can't think of anything" and eventually something will come.  Then when it came time to write poems for class we had some material to start with.  Multiple times i took lines right from my notebook and put them into poems. When i have a final product, it makes me feel proud of what i have done.
By: Melanie Maggetti
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:12 AM to Writing Corps.
Through out my life I have been able to grow as a writer and a person. Through my growth as a person it has transformed my writing. From the time I was in first grade I was able to always come up with an idea and expand on it. Actually writing use to be my favorite subject until I came to fall in love with the world of science. But later on in my life I was able to realize that writing was in science, math, history, and all the other subjects. Writing is something that I love to do and it goes hand and hand with life in general. Through college all I do is write and write. From long essays to Lab Reports I always have to write something every week. And since I came to Eastern I have been able to write even more easier then I have ever had before. Writing is a tool to express myself, even though I can communicate very well I feel as though I can still write so much that will still capture and grasped the ideas that are given to me. I still remember my mother telling me how much I would have to write in college but now I see that it is even more then she said. Luckily for me I love to write, so basically it will be very fun throughout my college career. Writing is one of the best ways to express yourself and this is one of the main things that I have learned through my life!
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:12 AM to Writing Corps.
My name is Camille. I mostly write essays but sometimes I will just write in a notebook about whatever comes to my head when I sit down to write. Usually i will just write about what is going on in my life and it usually doesn't have a specific structure to it. I write because it is an easy way for me to express myself. Sometimes I will write things that I know no one will ever read so I can just express how I am feeling at the given time. I enjoy writing and sometimes it is a good way to just relieve stress in my life.

By Camille
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:11 AM to Writing Corps.
The question is "What do you write, how do you write, and why do you write?"  Everyone has their own particular style in writing, but today I will be answering the above question in reference to myself.

When I write, it is primarily due to an assignment in class.  If the teacher, assigns an essay, a paper, or a blog entry thats what I write.  If given a preference on what I enjoy writing it would be fictional stories.

I've observed many people using different techniques when it comes to writing. Today, I won't go into the various groups, but instead will identify my writing as what I call "the direct approach to writing".  I would say on most occasions students will create and outline of some sort but beginning their paper, but I instead skip this step and begin the paper.  I do admit to using the outlining technique if I'm "flat-lining" on the paper but generally, I feel it can be a waste of time when the outline is already in my head.

The main reason why I write is because it is an assignment.  Besides e-mail and Facebook, I'd say I don't write at all in my free time.  Writing is a pain at times, and after constructing a paper for a few hours on end, writing "for fun" never seems a tempting idea.

Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:11 AM to Writing Corps.
I've written in a journal for almost 12 years now and I have over thirteen. These journals have allowed me to write down my thoughts, prayers, prayer requests as well as anything uplifting or encouraging. The last journal that I had only includes the positive things going on in my life, before this journal I would write every single feeling good or bad. I realized that this was not something that I wanted to go back and view in five years, I know bad things in life happen and I will always remember but when looking back on my past I would rather view all the good things, besides it takes about 10 good things to make up for one bad thing said or done to or about you.   I know that Eastern Michigan University has furthered my writing experiences with my english classes as well as history or social foundations. I feel like Eastern Michigan prepares each student to be their own personal writer :) 
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:10 AM to Writing Corps.
Since I was in elementary school, all I can remember is always writing.  It could be making a picture book with short captions underneath the pictures, to journal entries, to diaries, to research papers, to narrative stories and poems.  I never realized how writing is important in our daily lives.  However, experiencing this throughout my childhood to my adulthood, I have seen the importance of writing.  It allows creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.  Writing has been a unique process for me throughout my life.  Going back to my childhood, I have seen how much I have grown as a writer.  I have more experience in writing and can put ideas together a little easier than when I was seven. However, I am still learning throughout my adulthood.  My journey in writing will become a life long experience.  Ten years from now, I will look back at my writings and be able to see how I have become a stronger writer.
                          Melissa Ruiz
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:07 AM to Writing Corps.
I write because it's the easiest way for me to get my feelings out without having to actually say them. I love writing because I can express my innermost thoughts in an easy way. 
I write poetry. I don't rhyme and sometimes I use sentences, but it is usually a rather poetic looking style. 
If I am writing it is because things are either really good or really bad in my life and I need to get it out. Get it out..never hold it inside or you are going to explode. If you want to be happy then do something to express your emotions. 
I love writing and think everyone should at least play around with it. So...whether it's poetry or short stories for fun or therapeutic write away!!

Forever and a Day,
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:06 AM to Writing Corps.
I write short stories that are make people laugh. When I write short stories for my little sister, I write about princesses and animals in a far away land.  She laughs and giggles when I make her the main character in the story.  I try to make my story are ridiculous and funny as possible. She enjoys my stories and is constantly encouraging me to write more stories for her.

I write to entertain others that are reading my stories.  I also write to please my self and to make myself feel accomplished.  How I write is that I just jot down any ideas that come to my mind and I play with the ideas until I come up with an entertaining story.  I have a journal that is filled with ideas and half finished stories that are begging to be revised and read aloud to my little sister.
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:05 AM to Writing Corps.
Ever since I've been able to form the letters of the alphabet with my pencil I have loved to write. Writing was always an escape for me, a place where I could always retreat to. There's nothing better than creating a story and making it my own. Even when I have to write from a more objective perspective, and not as much of myself shines through, I love being able to get my thoughts across. Writing, for me is a perfect way to do that clearly and easily.

By Katie Marecle
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:04 AM to Writing Corps.
Now seems to be the time where classes start to pile on the work load.  There is homework, lots of it.  Papers, oh so many papers.  Tests, now seriously that many in one day is crazy.  Things are going at such a fast pace i am not sure if i can keep up.  All my life seems to be is class. homework. class. homework. friends. and if i am lucky sleep.  High school did not at all prepare me for this, but i think i am starting to get the hang of it.

By Kirsten
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:04 AM to Writing Corps.
Expression- words flowing on a page. A place- a place where students come together to celebrate communication. A National Day of Writing. For me this day is a reminder of how important it is to write. When something is written down it becomes somehow so much more- permanent. It amazes me how people are able to express themselves in such unique ways. There are other languages, short poems, long poems, stories, novels, and sometimes it only takes one. simple. sentance. I write for expression. Growing older causes much of our imagination to decrease, but everyone still has the ability to express, to believe, and to imagine. Writing is not a job, but an outlet where I am able to show the inner most parts of me. Writing is a gift. 

-Kelsea Chaplin
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:03 AM to Writing Corps.
I write mostly for myself. Occasionally I'll write a fanfic (Fan Fiction). Writing is sort of an outlet for me. Instead of letting my emotions out on someone else I grab my journal or my laptop and write or blog about my problems. Most of my blogs are kept private as a sort of online diary that I keep. When I get bored and do not feel like doing anything in particular, I'll get on my laptop and try to get my mind to have a creative spark. I like writing fanfics about some of my favorite books. Reading fanfics that others write is really cool too. It's interesting to see how people, other than the author of your favorite books, think the characters' lives should play out. Although I'm not very accomplished in the art of creative writing, I spend a lot of my spare time working on building my skill. Sometime before I die I would like to write a fiction novel. I don't even care if anyone will read it, I would just love to feel the accomplishment of having written an entire novel of my own creative works. 

By Margaret (Maggie) Chisholm
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Who would have thought that such a day existed? A day when all writers of all shapes, sizes, and genres could come as one and serve as muses to one another. A song writer such as myself finds comfort in learning Homophonics or running a writers marathon. Though this happens only once a year I know that this will help me for years to come.
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Today, Eastern Michigan University is hosting The National Day of Writing. This celebration is a great way for students to interact with faculty and friends. There are numerous activities at different booths which include what I am doing now, blogging. Other events include Roving Reporters, Six-Word Memoirs, and Life Maps. I am going to head to Life Maps where I will use pictures and symbols to represent events in my life. 
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Words are defined as letters jammed together to make words that communicate our thoughts, to me they are so much more. Writing to me is a liberation from everyday life. Where one can express hidden feelings and explore uncharted aspects of our minds. I began writing when I was thirteen. Adolescents was a particularly rough part of my life and writing became a security blanket. Whether my parents were fighting or I was being bullied in school when my pen would touch the paper a calm would wash over me. From the age of thirteen until now I usually just free write. I sit down and don't pay attention to grammar, spelling, or sentence structure. I simply write what I'm thinking as it occurs to me. I do this for probably an hour. Afterwards I read it back to myself and I'm amazed at what i've produced. There's hidden eloquence in the honesty of free writing I find it hard to sit down and write with genuine purpose. The only reason why I write is to free myself. To me thats all writing is, liberation of the soul. Writing uncovers hidden intelligence, wisdom, and honesty. I write to uncover what is hidden in me. 
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I write all kinds of things all of the time.  I do not stick with any one genre or theme usually.  Whatever strikes me at any given time is what I write.  I love writing poetry, random little blurbs that make no sense to anyone else, short stories, songs, -- which could by all means be considered lyrical poetry-- recipes, and so much more.  

My writing style usually involves some sort of humor.  Sometimes it's dark, satirical humor, sometimes slapstick goofball stuff, but humor nonetheless.  I actually find it difficult to write very seriously.  If I'm writing a fact-based research paper or something of the like, I can cut the humor... However, when a prompt is left wide open and can be taken anywhere it usually ends up somewhere strange and unusually entertaining. 

I write because writing makes me happy. =)  I am a very bubbly, out-going, extrovert and I love to incorporate that in my writing.  Most of the time my characters and happy-go-lucky and free-spirited and always have a good time.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, journalling and blogging are like therapy for me.  When something bums me out or makes me upset, I write about it or about something alluding to it.  I also write to entertain people.  I love making people laugh, smile, and think about life in a brighter light.  It makes for a much happier existence when you're not always down in the dumps.

By:  Krista D. Thore
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What do I write? Thats a very significant question because I write plenty of things from short essays to long essays all the way to short stories. I write life in general meaning what ever the world has to offer to put my true ideas on paper. I write because it is a way to express myself on paper therefore I can see what I'm thinking. I write with enthusiasm hoping that my ideas would persuade others to write. Writing for me is a playground because I have fun at it and I will never stop having fun with it.

By "Chevez Bates"