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Description: Write the final chapter for books written by elementary students from Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor.
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Skaiter McGee was half boy, half skateboard. He lived at the Ultimate Crystal Demonator Wishing Well Skate Park. Skaiter McGee, as you might expect, could do the half-pipe and a kick-flip, but what many people didn't know about him was that his skateboard could fly.
Skaiter McGee's best friend was Billy Naire Banky the Third. She was a superhero whose special power was to give away money. Billy had magical pockets. They looked normal, but in reality, they were infinite, and filled with money, diamonds, gems, and other riches. Billy only gave her money to the poor. She had another special power: the ability to see if someone was lying, so she always knew who needed money and who didn't.
One day, Skaiter McGee and Billy Naire Banky the Third went to the Dollar Store to get Billy a helmet. Little did they know, their arch-nemesis, the Bald Bandit, was also there.
The Bald Bandit was bald. He was also a bandit, so it was a fitting name. The Bald Bandit wore an eye patch, and it was his life's mission to swap out Billy's real riches with fake money that, instead of presidents, had a big bald picture of himself on it. He wanted to get his hands on Billy's riches so that he could buy a big selfish mansion.
"Where do we find the helmets?" Skaiter McGee asked Billy when they walked into the Dollar Store.
The Bald Bandit, lurking nearby, overheard them, and he quickly swapped out the actual helmets with mind-control helmets.
Billy led Skaiter McGee to aisle four and put a helmet on. "I suddenly want to give all my money to that bald guy lurking behind those shelves over there!" Billy started walking toward the Bald Bandit and . . .

Please finish the story:
. . . and jumped in front of Billy Naire Banky the Third. As the Bald Bandit was stealing Billy's money and riches, Skaiter McGee swooped up the Bald Bandit with his super amazing skateboard and took the Bald Bandit to the highest building. The Bald Bandit was astonished, "how can you fly like this?" he wondered. Skaiter McGee let Bald Bandit know that he better not steal money or he will find himself on a building with no way down. The Bald Bandit agreed, although he wasn't happy about it.

Quickly, Billy started giving her riches to the Bald Bandit. Watching her from aisle four, Skater McGee acknowledged his friend to take the helmet. It's hypnotizing you.  Billy could not hear him so the Bald Bandit took all of her belongings and money.
- Anonymous

...said, "Hey who are you and why are you spying on us?" The Bald Bandit replied, "I'm the Bald Bandit and I want all of your little girlfriend's money."  Skater McGee had to think quickly. He couldn't just let Billy be robbed, but he was very intimidated by the Bald Bandit. Skater McGee pulled together all the courage he had and said to the Bald Bandit, "NO! I won't let you! If you want Billy, you'll have to go through me!" Just then everything started to shake; and a dark figure started to walk towards them down aisle. The figure grew closer, and closer until finally they could see who it was. It was the Bald Bandit's mom. She  was tall and Bald and she had two eyepatches, both over the same eye. She grabbed the Bald Bandit by the ear and said, "I told you to quit being a Bully. You are grounded mister!" She escorted the Bald Bandit out of the store and everything was cool and jolly again. The end
- Jake G.

. . . jumped up at him. "No, I will not give you any of the money!" The Bald Bandit was not very happy to hear this. He had felt defeated and walked away. Once again everyone in town is safe again and Billy and Skaiter went on to live happily ever after.
- Jaclyn Snider

...proceeded to give him a beautiful red ruby. Skaiter McGee recognized that it was the Bald Bandit, even though he put on a fake mustache. Skaiter McGee then did a kick-flip  in the air, knocked the helmet off Billy's head and then tripped the Bald Bandit. He then told Billy to put the helmet on the Bald Bandit. After Billy put the helmet on him, Skaiter McGee flew the Bald Bandit to the top of a high camp where the only way down was by skateboarding. Skaiter McGee knew that the Bandit was so bad at skateboarding that he would never come down. The Bandit is there to this day, and Billy and Skaiter McGee will never have to worry about him again.
- Adam N. Smith

Skaiter McGee half-rolled, half-ran to get in her way. "What in tarnation are you thinking?" he yelped, using both a questioning voice and an excited voice. "Listen", said Billy, sounding like a small tin robot. "Sometimes we can't explain the things we do for love". She began pulling rubies from her pockets and she walked closer to the laughing bald man. "Noooo!" screamed Billy and he, for the first time ever, did a half-pipe kick-flip as he flew down the aisle after her. He shrank down beneath her like a skateboard and she tripped, toppling over and hitting her head on the cold store floor. Luckily, she was wearing the helmet, which began to short-curcuit. "Curses!" screamed the Bald Bandit. "Hurrah!" said Bill and Skaiter McGee. "Helmet safety!" said the shopkeeper. Billy regained her faculties, paid and left the store with Skaiter.
- Catherine Calabro  

Skaiter McGee 360-flipped towards the helmet but it was stuck. He was all alone, the Bald Bandit and Billy Naire Banky the Third were running at him. He saw that the Bald Bandit had a skateboard so he challenged him to S.K.A.T.E. Skaiter was very confident. The Bald Bandit started with a rollie hand-flip and landed it flawlessly. Skaiter didn't care. He busted out a 540-flip to nose manual with a shove-it out. Skaiter told him "lets go vert". The Bandit agreed to one term. "We only get one letter now" he snarled. Skaiter had been anticipating that because he could fly. Skaiter went up and spun a 1080-spin, an impossible move. The Bandit had lost and was sent to live with and skate every day with Quinn Gendregske.
- John Gendregske

Tripped on a toy, so she fell and her helmet came off.  She recognized the Bald Bandit right away, but Skaiter still had his helmet on, so he wanted to give the Bandit all his money anyway.  Billy couldn't convince him not to, so she let him go.  But she threw Skaiter's flying skateboard at the Bald Bandit's mind-control device and broke it.  Billy recognized the Bandit right away, and they both ran out of the store without giving him anything.
- David Wurtsmith

Skaiter McGee exclaimed, "Billy!  No!  Don't you know who that is?"
"Of course I do, it's a man who needs money and so I shall give it to him!" Billy answered as she started putting her hands in her pockets.  "Yes!  Finally I have tricked them and now I can buy that mansion I've always wanted!" Bald Bandit exclaimed as he admired his baldness in a mirror.  Skaiter McGee did not know what he could do, until . . .
"Ah-ha I've got it!"  He revved up his skateboard and flew right smack dab in the middle of the Bandit's bald forehead just as he was grabbing the money.  "Dang!  Blast it!"  cried Bald Bandit.  "I can't get up!"
Billy, however, ignored all this and threw him a bundle of bucks from her pockets.  "There you go dear sir, here is the money you need, if you want any more, just gimme a call!"
"What did you do!" cried Skaiter McGee.
"Finally, my brilliant plan will work!" Bald Bandit cackled as he ran through the streets.
"Why did you do that?  You knew he was lying," said Skaiter McGee.
"I knew he was lying.  I also knew that he was trying to brainwash me with this helmet, but Bald Bandit isn't too bright, he forgot the batteries!  So I gave him fake money with his own face on it, because I thought it would be funny!"
"Oh Billy, how great!  We've finally beat that blasted Bald Bandit and how cool would that be, to see his own face on those dollars!"
It was great and because of that greatness they giggled and gaggled all the way back to Ultimate Crystal Demonator Wishing Well Skate Park.  Bald Bandit had a giggle of his own, the kind where you giggle because you've been gaggled by your enemies with a creation of your own.
- Mariya Gefter

Suddenly, Skaiter McGee swooped in to trip up Billy Naire Bankey the Third to take him to the Bald Bandit.  On the way down the isle to the Bald Bandit, Billy Naire Banky the Third sees a pothole and throws a ruby into it.
    Being as clumsy as Skaiter McGee, he turns right into the pothole, knocking Billy off and onto the mattress and sending Skaiter into the Bald Bandit.  The helmet broke in two and smashed into the Bald Bandit knocking him out while Skaiter McGee landed on his wheels.  The bandit was hauled off to jail afterwards.
- Anthony Cofield

Proceeded to give him her money.  After the bandit received the money from Billy, he fled the dollar store with an evil grin.  Skaiter McGee, then surprised at the incident, looks at Billy and says, "What were you thinking?"
Billy, trying to recover from the mind control helmet looks at Skaiter McGee with a very puzzled and delirious expression.  Skaiter runs to the door too fast for Billy to react and stops the Bandit in his tracks.
"Give me the money," he barks as the wheels on his skateboard spark in excitement.
The Bandit chuckles and responds, "It's too late now you mutant child."  The Bandit then turns and continues to flee not knowing that Skaiter McGee was going into "Hawk Mode".  Then McGee leaps through the air and starts to ride circles around the Bandit until he gets dizzy and proceeds to perform other acrobatic tricks to seduce the villain.  While this is going on Billy comes back to her senses and snatches her money back from the occupied thief and continues to help the needy.
- Neiko Thomas-Cook

When she came to him, she began to empty her pockets.  Bald Bandit took the money and ran off in a hurry as Skaiter McGee rolled over, and pulled the helmet off Billy.  "Oh no!  What have I done?" asked Billy.  "Don't worry I'll get him."  Skaiter McGee started skating as fast as he could, so fast that his skateboard began to fly.  When he came to Bald Bandit he began to skate around him so fast that you could see the air.  Bald Bandit was so dizzy that he fell out.  At that time Skaiter McGee took back all of Billy's money that Bald Bandit took.  Skaiter McGee returned all of Billy's money and assured her that Bald Bandit will never be a problem again because he will be in jail for the rest of his life.
- Arielle Marsh

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Miss Todd was a hamster who lived in a pumpkin pie. She had shaggy blond hair and a big, furry coat. Miss Todd had fuzzy feet, a super-fast pace, and was the strongest hamster in the world.
Miss Todd's best friend was named Mushy. Mushy was a rainbow-colored bowl of mashed potatoes. Mushy had a secret power: he could expand at will. And when he expanded, he could shoot out mashed potatoes.
On Thanksgiving Day in 1985, Miss Todd and Mushy were enjoying a nice meal in Miss Todd's pumpkin-pie house. Suddenly, they heard a crashing sound that sounded like trumpets.
"Did you hear that?" Miss Todd said.
"Hear what?" Mushy said with his mouth full of food.
"Clean off your face and go check the door!" Miss Todd demanded.
Mushy got up, all mashed-potatoey, and walked to the door. When he opened the door, he saw the most disgusting, gooey green bean casserole in the entire universe.
"My name is Mr. Gooberface, and I'm here to ruin Thanksgiving dinner by using my goobergun to turn all your food into ewwy gooey green bean casserole," the casserole said.
"FOOD FIGHT!" Mushy yelled out, expanding to twice his size and shooting Mr. Gooberface with mashed potatoes.
"I'll get away this, potato face!" Mr. Gooberface said confidently. He reached deep into his own gushy center and pulled out . . .

Please finish the story:

. . . a gigantic serving spoon. This was no ordinary serving spoon. This serving spoon could shoot out sweet potato pie! Miss Todd immediately ducked for cover as Mr. Gooberface shot sweet potato pie at her. "Splat!" went the sweet potato, all over Mushy. Mushy did not like this. Mushy expanded as big as he could. Mr. Gooberface was terrified. Mushy shot out mashed potatoes all over Mr. Gooberface. Mr. Gooberface was covered in mashed potatoes. He knew he couldn't continue this food fight. It was clear who had won.
- Katie L. Culbert

. . . a belt of peas, but the peas were actually grenades in disguise. Mr. Gooberface pulled all the pins, threw them inside the house, slammed the door, and ran for cover. KA BOOM!! Both Miss Todd and Mushy were instantly vaporized and the pumpkin pie house was disintegrated. Mr. Gooberface said, "Told you I'd get away with this, potato face," then laughed like a maniac, but as he laughed, he suffered a heart attack and died.
- Thrasius

. . . his secret stash of super-sticky toasted salon-flavored marshmallows. He rolled a ball of marshmallowy goo in his hands, put it in his mouth, and started to blow a humungous salmon-scented bubble. Soon the bubble was so big that it POPPED! and splattered salmony, marshmallowy goo all over the room. As Mr. Gooberface ran away, Miss Todd shouted, "I'll never get this out of my hair!"
- Jim Bowman

... his warm, gooeyness. As he began to raise his arm and throw the green glob of green beans towards Mushy, he stopped himself in mid-air. Miss Todd began to smile as she realized Mr. Gooberface just wanted to be friends. Mr. Gooberface began to cry. "I'm sorry, I just can't spend another Thanksgiving dinner alone" he said as he began to feel ashamed. Mushy put down the mashed potatoes and gave Mr. Gooberface a hug. "You're welcome to spend it with us" Mushy said, as they all sat down for Thanksgiving dinner together.
- Stefproducers

... some of his gooeyness. He then threw some of his green bean casserole at Mushy and Miss Todd. Miss Todd became angry and stormed away from the Thanksgiving dinner table. Mushy began to cry and told Mr. Gooberface he had to leave. Mr. Gooberface then smiled and left without any hesitation. Mushy and Miss Todd became best friends again. ☺
- BeeGee

... his goobergun and took aim. Mushy glanced at Miss Todd who was hunched over the dinner table crying in fear. "Take this!" shouted Mr. Gooberface, pulling the trigger. Nothing happened. Mr. Gooberface pulled the trigger again, but still nothing. "What's wrong Goober? Scared of a little gravy?" screamed Mushy as he shot out a big line of gravy across the room. The gravy hit Mr. Gooberface and he fell to the floor and turned into a big bowl of mashed potatoes!
- LaLa Books

... a huge goober blaster.  It shot Mushy directly in the face and turned him into a gooey green bean casserole.  "Noooo!!" Miss Todd shrieked, waving her furry fingers in the air.  "You're next, " said Mr. Gooberface.  Miss Todd had to think quickly.  She reached form her pumpkin cupboard and pulled out a can of fired crunchy onions with lots of salt and tasty seasonings.  She opened the can and flung the contents on Mr. Gooberface.  "Ahh!" he cried in agony.  He shriveled and wilted and Miss Todd was just beginning to feel bad when Mr. Gooberface stood up and smiled.  "I'm delicious now."  He turned back to mashed potatoes and joined their dinner.
- Rose DeMates

... macaroni and cheese and started throwing it at Mushy and all over the house.  Miss Todd heard all the noise and came storming in to see what was going on.  When she got to the front door she was hit in the face with macaroni and began yelling at Mushy, not knowing about Mr. Gooberface.  Suddenly Miss Todd noticed Mushy hiding behind the couch throwing Dinner rolls at Mr. Gooberface.  Not knowing what to do, Miss Todd got some gravy and joined the Food Fight.  With the combination of mashed potatoes, gravy, and dinner rolls, mushy and Miss Todd defeatedMr. Gooberface and his green bean casserole.  The end.
- Nick Immell

... the disgusting gunk that held him together.  Then he flung the wad at Mushy, who could not duck because of his massive size.  Suddenly, Miss Todd jumped in front of Mushy and took the goo for him.  Surprised, Mushy reached for Mr. Gooberface and sucked him into his massive size.  He then picked up poor Miss Todd and carried her to the pet groomers to get rid of the crud.  When she was good to go they both went to the police station and dropped Mr. Gooberface off.  "He tried to destroy Thanksgiving!" Mushy and Miss Todd said.  Nodding, the Chief of Police threw him in jail and he never destroyed Thanksgiving again.  The end.
-A. Ninja

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Momzilla was a Momster who had green, crazy hair. Most of the time she was a regular mom, but whenever she saw danger, she turned into a monster. When she was a monster, her eyes were black, her face turned red, and she looked a hundred-and-eighty-nine years old; when she was a mom, she was young.
Momzilla's best friend was a ghoul named Awesomeness, but everyone called him Champ. He had special powers, like being able to shoot fireballs from his eyes and lasers from his teeth. His body was covered with spikes. Because of the spikes, Champ often wore pillows all over his body so that he could hug his friends, like Momzilla.
Momzilla and Champ lived across the hall from each other in the same apartment complex in Las Vegas. The Haunted Apartment Complex of the Living Dead looked like a beautiful luxury hotel from the inside, but from the outside it was covered in hooks and chains and looked terrifying.
One night, Momzilla and Champ were cooking their favorite dinner together: eyeballs, guts, and spaghetti.
"We've got a lot of food here," Momzilla said. "Maybe we should invite that evil peanut butter and jelly sandwich over for dinner because he hates eyeballs, guts, and spaghetti and only eats cold milk."
"Why should we invite that evil PB&J over?" Champ asked.
"I don't know if we should. It was just an idea," Momzilla responded. "I was thinking we could poison him with kindness so that he can't hurt people anymore."
Momzilla got on the phone and called the sandwich and invited him to dinner.
Twenty minutes later, the sandwich arrived. PJ's nickname was Kitten and he had a milk superpower. He was nutritious, but diabolical. He was constantly in a bad mood because he was made out of bread, and he hated bread.
"Come on in," Momzilla said . . .

Please finish the story:

Kitten roared at them because he was in a bad mood. As Momzilla greeted kitten, Champ was in the kitchen putting the kindness poison in the eyeballs, guts, and spaghetti. When Kitten ate the food a big smile grew on his face. "This is good!" he exclaimed. Momzilla, Champ, and Kitten were all excited that Kitten was no longer angry. They turned on the radio and began to dance. They danced into the night, all of them happy now.
- Camilla Reynolds

When Kitten entered everyone in the room could sense his evil aura. His presence even scared away an actual kitten. Kitten brought a friend. His friend was a tall gangly spaghetti man. His nickname was Puffpuff McGeorgypants. Puffpuff was so offended at the dinner prepared by Momzilla and Champ that Kitten had to stop him from destroying the planet. With some quick thinking Kitten disarmed his friend using quick thinking and his milk powers! Kitten transformed from his diabolical ways and became "Kitten the Mighty Superhero" of the universe!
    - Anonymous

As PB&J came in his mood started to change. The sight of the eyeballs, guts, and spaghetti disgusted him. Momzilla offered PB&J, a nice cold glass of milk and he couldn't help but take the offer. What he didn't know was that Momzilla poisoned the milk with kindness. PB&J started to laugh and joke around. He never did that before. Champ and Momzilla saw the effects the kindness had on PB&J and they liked it. From that day on, PB&J was always invited to dinner and even ate some of Momzilla's eyeballs, guts and spaghetti.
- Candace Nash

... sweetly. PB&J could smell the evilness, but came in anyway with his guard up. And with good reason. They wanted to force him to eat the nasty looking dinner. They poured him a bowl and he pretended to eat it so their feelings wouldn't be hurt. And with this act of kindness, they all turned into what they really were: PB&J, a son; Momzilla, a loving mother; and Awesomeness, a caring father.
    - Elizabeth LaFlame

PJ waddled his large sourdough body and mood to the kitchen. His milky white eyes spotted the eyeball, guts, spaghetti instantly and let out a curdled scream! EYEBALL SPAGHETTI GUTS again!?! How many times do I have to tell you I would rather eat my wheat bread! The milk in his eyes began to boil in rage. Mom had kindly asked PJ countless times to just try the homemade spaghetti. "PJ you might enjoy it but you won't know unless you try. Pretty please." PJ stomped around the apartment squirting jam all over the floor, couch and curtains screaming "I will never try this, NEVER !!!" Momzilla was trying her best to be kind to the messy PJ but seeing the mess he was making Momzilla pretty blue eyes turn black with rage, her hair twist and turned slowly turning a dark green while grinning rising in all directions. Momzilla tried to calm down but I was too late. Her face turned cherry red and with one enormous scream Momzilla demanded PJ to sit his crusty butt down. Stunned by the ear-busting scream, PJ sat at the table waiting for Momzilla's next demand. "No you're going to eat with us and finish your whole plate!" PJ closed his eyes in fear and took his first bite. While chewing PJ's left eye opened followed by his right, a smirk appeared and with a mouthful of squishy guts and slimey eyeballs PJ shouted "this is great! Can I have some more?" So make sure to be adventurous and brave and always be willing to try new things.  
- Sam Manees

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We have milk and Champ is lactose intolerant. Peanut butter and jelly will invite chips and salsa. Chips and salsa made any night fun. We need some extra spice to make this dinner exciting. Momzilla called PB&J. Momzilla was happy PB&J are coming! Chips and salsa will be here around 8PM. Chips and salsa are bringing guacamole. We are going to have the best dinner ever! PB&J enjoyed all the milk. Chips and salsa were very messy. Momzilla and Champ had much cleaning to do after this party. Champ proclaimed this was his final dinner party. He was moving to a haunted complex in Reno.
- Nick

PJ arrived over at Momzilla's apartment with a frown. Then Momzilla greeted him with a tall glass of strawberry milk and a cup of sugar cinnamon raisins so PJ began to make a slight smile saying no one has ever exposed me to something new inspired by my old likes this mild is great and now I'm a cinnamon raisin PB&J sandwich. I have pizzazz and a new attitude. Thanks Momzilla then Champ walks over and tickles PJ then he turns red and explodes into 400 mini PB&J sandwiches and MomZilla and Champ give them out at Halloween.
- Shantenya

...looking at the PB&J with his best host-face.  "The dinner is on the table and ready to eat!"  Upon looking at the food that he hated, Kitten the Sandwich flew into a rage and shattered the table with his Smuckers Grape fists.  Momzilla was hit in the face with the flying spaghetti dish as she dove in front of Awesomeness to save him from harm.  She became totally enraged, her limbs and torso twisting and writhing as she underwent her transformation into the ferocious monster.  Kitten the PB&J quaked in his crusts at the sight of the drooling monster's gaping maw.  She advanced on him, her fangs gleaming.  As she leaned in to destroy him, she growled three low, rumbling syllables, "Just kidding."  
All three of them laughed until they cried, and they realized dinner had been ruined, so they cooked a delicious soufflé together.  The End.
- Robert Schuster

"Whatever!" said Kitten.  Momzilla directed him to the dinner table, where Champ was setting up the plate mats and glass cups.  "Kitten, hey ol' pal how are you?" said Champ.  "Oh wow, I love the new slices you're wearing, wheat right?"  Momzilla chuckled quietly.  "Very funny, Champ.  At least I'm not the one that constantly burns myself in my mouth.  I mean, who has lasers come of their teeth?" responded Kitten.  "Calm down Kitten and let's enjoy this lovely food," Momzilla said as she gestured Kitten and Champ to sit and eat.  "I hope you enjoy the food.  We made it especially for you, " said Champ.  "Stop it with your sweet candy-flavored manners, it's killing me, literally," said Kitten.  "Oh but we only want you to feel welcome."  As Momzilla continued to be kind, Kitten slowly began to melt.  "Have I ever told you that strawberry jelly really complements your complexion," added Champ.  Kitten screamed.  "No . . . stop, please.  I . . . I . . . noooooo."  Having an overdose of kindness, Kitten melted.  "Well, looks like there's suddenly been a change of dinner plans," said Momzilla.  "Who wants PB&J soup?"
- Jermaine Dickerson

And Kitten the sandwich ran inside and sat at the table.  "How are you?" asked Champ.  "Mim finemn," replied Kitten, his mouth was full of food so he sounded like he had peanut butter on the roof of his mouth.
    "Yuck!" cried PJ!  "This isn't cold milk!"
    Momzilla said to Kitten, "Ha!  I've poisoned you with kindness, now you have to be nice or your bread will go stale!"  "Oh noooooooo!" PJ felt the evil leaving and he felt happiness for the first time.
- Jennifer

Kitten stepped in and he had the meanest look on his face.  He sat on the couch and let out an extremely large burp.  When he got up to get some food, his mean face got meaner.  P and J was furious that they had prepared eyeballs, guts, and spaghetti.  So furious that he began yelling at Momzilla and Awesomeness.  Then, they decided to put him out and enjoy their meal.  The end.
- Jared Hall

"Champ and I made a wonderful dinner that we would like to share with you."  Kitten cautiously entered the Momster apartment, helped himself to a tall glass of Kool-Aid, and took a seat at the table.  "What are we having for dinner?" Kitten meowed.  "Oh, I've whipped up a special batch of my favorite meal: eyeballs, guts, and spaghetti, with an extra special secret ingredient," the Momster replied.  Even though Kitten hated those items, he wanted to be a gracious guest, so he decided to eat it anyway.  Not more than two bites in, Kitten's face started to expand like a balloon, and zits started bubbling up and exploding pus everywhere.  Within a matter of minutes, Kitten the evil PB&J exploded, covering the apartment in a gooey, peanut buttery and jelly-y mess.  "Crap!" yelled Champ and the Momster together.
    A few days later Kitten's obituary showed up in the newspaper.  It read, "Kitten the evil PB&J was brutally murdered on October 17, 2009, in the Momster's apartment.  The Momster poisoned Kitten in attempts 'to make him not so evil.'  Little did the Momster know that the Evil PB&J was deathly allergic to the poison she used.  The Momster and her accomplice Champ have been found guilty in the court of law and have been sentenced to death by firing squad.  Their remains will be fed to crocodiles at the zoo the day after tomorrow.  A memorial service will be held for Kitten at Steve's Family Funeral Home, LLC. On October 31, 2009.  The burial will follow in Peter Pan's cemetery.  Kitten is survived by his wife and 19 children."
- Joseph Stromski II

Kitten peeked his head in and sniffed the air.  "What are you waiting for?" said Momzilla.
    "I smelled eyeballs!" the evil PB&J exclaimed.
    "What, don't you like them?" said Champ.
    "No!  Of course not!  You know that!" Kitten said as he grew bigger and bigger, huffing and puffing.  Kitten stormed through the door as his jelly dripped from his crust.
    Momzilla ran towards him and stuffed the eyeball mix into his mouth.  Kitten started to chew and a smile came upon his face.  Suddenly there was a POOF! And he turned into an adorable baby kitten!  After that, Kitten was never mean again and they all lived happily ever after.
- Courtney Mills

PJ walked in and sat at the dinner table.  After a long talk amongst the three, Momzilla served dinner.  PJ took a bite of the spaghetti, guts, and eyeballs and said, "this is delicious."  PJ ate the whole pot of spaghetti leaving none for Momzilla or Champ.  PJ went home and began to notice a change in his mood.  He was all of a sudden happy.  After finding out what the problem was he thanked his friends and lived happily ever after.
- Porsha

Kitten had a mean look on his face, like he knew something was up.  "What's going on?" Kitten asked.  "We just wanted to invite you over to dinner.  We had a lot of food.  We just thought we would share it with you."  "Okay I am hungry." Kitten said as he followed Momzilla and Champ into the kitchen.  "Sit down Kitten," Champ said, pulling out his chair.  "What's for dinner?" Kitten asked.  "It's a surprise!" Momzilla said, blindfolding him as champ stuffed a giant forkful of eyeballs, guts, and spaghetti into Kitten's mouth.  Kitten starts squirming and using his milk powers and then the whole room filled with a great big white flash and Kitten was now a brown and purple kitten who was nice and loved everyone.  "PB&J you are now part of our family," Champ says.  And then Momzilla, Champ, and PB&J hug and Momzilla's spikes don't hurt anyone.
- Courtney Rice

And Kitten was directed to a nearby chair.  "What would you like for dinner?"  Momzilla asked.  "Do you have any cold milk?" he responded.  "Sure we do," Momzilla said as she poured PB&J a tall glass of ice cold milk.  Little did Kitten know, the milk in his glass had been poisoned with kindness just moments before he took the first large gulp.  "Wow, this is the most delicious milk I have ever tasted," Kitten said.  He could not help but to finish the whole glass.  From that point on, PB&J became the nicest person in town.
- Kyle Bell

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Furtle the Turtle was a boy with a turtle's head. He had a mohawk and could walk backward up trees. Furtle lived in an underwater treehouse in the middle of Furtle Forest.
Furtle the Turtle's best friend was a robot mermaid named Roberta Robota 2000, or the RR-2000. Roberta had a square head and a gold robotic fin. Roberta had a special power: she could control water.
One day, Furtle and Roberta were having a swimming contest to see who was the fastest.
"I can swim faster than you!" Roberta taunted.
"No, you can't!" Furtle retorted. "I can swim faster!"
Suddenly, they saw weird ripples in the water. They went closer to the edge of the sea to investigate. A bottle popped out of the water and landed at their feet. There was a note in it. It said:

I am holding your seal friend hostage. I challenge you to a race! The winner keeps the seal.
Pistachio the Shark

"Silly Sally!" Furtle blurted out. "We've got to save our friend before he tries to eat her!"
"Why did he take her?" Roberta asked.
Pistachio was a lonely shark, and what he really wanted was a friend to play with. He had scary shark teeth, so everyone was afraid of him.
One day he saw Silly Sally, Roberta, and Furtle playing together, and he was jealous. He wanted to be friends with them. That day, he swam up to them to introduce himself, and they all ran away because they were afraid of sharks.
Pistachio felt lonelier and sadder (and a little bit madder) than he ever had before. So he kidnapped Silly Sally.
"We have to save our friend, so we have to do it," Furtle said to Roberta, even though they were both scared . . .

Please finish the story:

They were not going to give up. They practiced their swimming day and night, until the end of the race.  Roberta was not going to use any power because she wanted to win fair and square.  One, two, three.  GO!  The race began.  Furtle and Roberta against Pistachio.  It was a close race and Pistachio was in the lead.  He started to brag and laugh at Furtle and Roberta until a boat came out of nowhere and scared him.  Furtle won the race and saved Silly Sally.
- Amoret Jensan

So Furtle and Roberta challenged Pistachio the Shark to a race. They saw Silly Sally all tied up and Pistachio raring to go. Sally counted to three and the race began. It was intense. No one could get ahead of the shark. But he quickly tired out since Pistachio was out of shape. Furtle and Robert won! But Pistachio was still mad so the shark ate Sally anyways. Furtle and Roberta did not become his friends. Pistachio is still sad to this day.

Furtle and Roberta swam to the middle of the ocean to where Pistachio was waiting. Pistachio said, "The race starts now!" and took off. Furtle quickly called to Mail the Whale to pull him to the finish. Even though Furtle said he could swim fast, he didn't swim well at all. RR-2000 checked to make sure that Silly Sally was okay and took off to the finish. She was the fastest of all of them and caught up easily. In the final stretch, RR-2000 pulled ahead to win; controlling the water to push Pistachio back and allowing Furtle to get second. "No fair, you both cheated!" shouted Pistachio. "I just want to have fun racing." Both Furtle and RR-2000 apologized. "We just wanted our friend back," they said. Pistachio explained how he just wanted friends and didn't hurt Silly Sally. Furtle and RR-2000 laughed and said they were Pistachio's friends and called him every day. Pistachio checked his cell phone and noticed it was off the whole time. Furtle, RR-2000, Silly Sally, Mail, and Pistachio race every day and always have fun.
- Justin Huey

So Furtle and Roberta made a plan. Furtle was going to race Pistachio while Roberta made the water push Pistachio backwards. So the two fiends left for Pistachio's underwater cave. But when they got there , they had a great surprise. Instead of being afraid of Pistachio, Sally was playing Go Fish with him. She was even having fun. So from that day on nobody was afraid of Pistachio and everybody became friends.
- Anonymous

So Furtle and Roberta went to find Pistachio the Shark to find Silly Sally. After days of searching and almost impossible obstacles they finally found the shark and their friend. So they confronted the shark and said, "Why did you kidnap our friend?" Pistachio replied, "I just wanted someone to play with me and be my friend." So Roberta, Furtle, and Silly huddled up and saw that Pistachio was just lonely, so they played with him and they all became best friends.
- Graziamo Baker Jr.

So Roberta and Furtle got the courage and went to find Pistachio so they could save Silly Sally. When they found Pistachio he was sitting there mad and they saw Silly Sally scared and crying. "Help, help, help." So Furtle said, "Let Silly Sally go," and Roberta said, "Yeah, let's race Pistachio." Then Pistachio began to laugh and said, "Let's start." So they started. Pistachio and Furtle raced all around the ocean and in the end Furtle won and got Silly Sally back.
- Taylor Harlan

Tommy Poopypants crawled faster than Doogie or the doctor could keep up with. "Stop, Tommy--we want to be your friends!" But Tommy couldn't hear them. After an hour they finally caught up with Tommy under the bridge. He had fallen asleep to the sounds of the river. Dr. Dukenberg took out a tiny glass and filled it with a strange purple liquid and poured it on the giant Poopypants. Tommy shrank to a normal-sized baby and Doogie and the doctor made him a friend and the fearsome foursome played every day in the garden.
- Cat Schlenker

Furtle and Roberta tried to save their friend, Silly Sally, but failed. Just when all hope was lost, Chuck Norris came to the rescue. Chuck Norris wasn't afraid of sharks, so he had no trouble saving Silly Sally from Pistachio the Shark. He roundhouse kicked animals for his services, everyone lived happily ever after...
- Anonymous

So Furtle and RR-2000 decided to talk to Pistachio and see if they could all be friends. "Only if you are not mean and promise not to bite us," Furtle said. And Pistachio groaned. He was worried the turtle and the robot wouldn't like him because he looked so scary. "Just try, please!" RR-2000 said. They decided they would all race, just for fun. Maybe if they had fun, Furtle thought, they would all be friends. "And the winner," Pistachio said, "get a slice of pizza! And it's on me!" They all tied, and everyone got free pizza at the finish line!
    - Anonymous

. . . and so the race was on that following day. "I'm really afraid," said Furtle the Turtle. "I am too," replied Roberta Robota, "but we must stay strong for Silly Sally and bring her back." Furtle finally agreed that Roberta was the fastest of the two so she would race against Pistachio the Shark. "You're going down!" Pistachio teased. "It's on!" Roberta yelled. This was the closest, most intense race Furtle had ever witnessed. They each approached the finish line, but Pistachio the Shark just wasn't fast enough. Furtle and Sally were extremely excited for Roberta and this made Pistachio even sadder. The three friends noticed this and began to feel bad for him. "We should do something," said Furtle. "But what?" asked Sally. "After all, he did kidnap me," she said. In the end, they agreed to befriend Pistachio the Shark as long as he vowed never to kidnap anyone else again.
- Anonymous

Roberta and Furtle sent a note in the bottle that said, "We accept your challenge!"  The next morning they all gathered for the big race.  "First one around FunPlay Island is the winner and keeps the Seal!" said Pistachio.  The whistle blew and all 3 began to swim around the Island.  They were neck and neck the entire race but just before the finish line Pistachio swallowed too much water and began to sink.  "Help!  Help!" he screamed.  Roberta and Furtle swam over and helped him to the shore.  "You guys saved my life!" Pistachio said.  "I'm sorry I kidnapped your friend."    
- Hannah Swanson

Furtle the Turtle accepted the challenge.  Furtle figured with Roberta on his side he couldn't lose.  That evening Pistachio and Furtle the turtle met up at Red Reef, the darkest part of the ocean.  "First person around the Jelly Fish Canyon and around Squid Mountain wins," Pistachio said, knowing that passing through Squid mountain would be dangerous.  Furtle the Turtle took a deep breath and was off.  Passing through dangerous Jelly Fish with the guidance of Roberta, Furtle the turtle crossed the finish line!  "Cheater," said Pistachio.  "You will be my prisoner now."  Furtle the Turtle thought for a minute.  "How about we just hang out sometime.  That would show all the creatures of the ocean you're not mean and they would want to be your friend."
- Brandi Hall

Pistachio was not a bully, but by the way he looked like everyone was afraid of him.
Roberta and Furtle decided that since Roberta had a special power, she would race him.  At the race Roberta was very nervous.  The race started and Pistachio was far in the lead.  "Use your power, Roberta!" Furtle shouted.  Roberta slowed the water down around Pistachio and made it hard for him to swim.  Roberta won the race and freed Silly Sally.  She told Pistachio if he only wanted a friend all he had to do was say so.  Now all four of them are the best of friends.
- Brandie Green

So Furtle and Roberta had decided to save their friend seal, Silly Sally.  The only way they could save their friend was to race in the lake where Silly Sally was being held.  The next day Furtle the Turtle and Roberta the Robot had began their race in order to save their friend Silly Sally.  During the race, the turtle was in the lead, but soon Roberta the Robot was in the lead and finished first place.  That win had saved their friend Silly Sally and the shark was put in time out.
- Aushinay Wall

Furtle and Roberta swam to the reef where Pistachio the lonely shark spent his days.  "Let's not compete against him, Roberta," said Furtle.  "Let's invite him to join us."  They saw Pistachio and next to him was Sally, tied up to coral.  They approached with caution.  "Listen, Pistachio, let our friend go!" said Roberta, "and we will play with you."  Pistachio untied Sally and carried her to Furtle.  "All I wanted was a friend," said Pistachio.  "We know," said Furtle, "Let's go have a race!"  And they all swam away.
- Mattie Frank

Furtle went to the bottom of the ocean to find a friend for Pistachio.  He found another shark and seduced her with his Mohawk while Roberta danced to the robot to keep the shark interested.  Once the shark was hypnotized with love, he grabbed her by the fins and brought her to Pistachio.  He told Pistachio that the shark just wanted a friend, and Furtle traded her shark body for his friend Silly Sally.  And Silly Sally, Furtle, and Roberta went back to the shore to race.
- Jack

We have to do this.  Roberta and Furtle put a message in the bottle and tossed it back in the water.  The next day, Furtle and Roberta were standing at the edge of the water when Pistachio came out of the water.  He said, "OK, I'm here, let's race."  Furtle said, "Dude, be cool.  We can totally get along.  You just have to bring Silly Sally to us and quit being a Silly Sally yourself, you kidder!"  And he did.  And all of the jokesters lived together forever, definitely being jokey jokesters until the end of time.
- Jesse Peck

So Roberta and Furtle went over to Pistachio's place.  It was a huge cave with everything an ordinary underwater creature wanted.  Coral was lined up around the cave and every toy imaginable to an underwater creature was at Pistachio's.  But none of this mattered, for Pistachio wasn't happy.
    Pistachio greeted Furtle and Roberta and showed them his ultimate possession, his race track!  Pistachio then said, "First one to cross the finish after 3 laps wins!"  The green light at the start of the track lit up and the race began!
    Pistachio for most of the two laps had a big lead over Furtle and Roberta.  Then the third lap began and Pistachio started to lose steam.  Furtle and Roberta were picking up speed and catching up to Pistachio.  Roberta then used her water control to zoom into the lead.  It looks like our heroes are going to win after all!  However, just before Roberta was able to cross the finish line, Roberta ran out of power!
    Realizing that Roberta won't win the race, it is now up to Furtle.  It was neck and neck, with both racers taking the lead constantly.  However, when Furtle saw the finish line, Furtle gave it all he got.  Pistachio however wouldn't give up.  He realized that this race was giving him all he had.  He would win over and over again on his own track, but wouldn't be satisfied with his win.  The two racers cross the finish line and . . .
    Furtle comes out victorious!!!
    Pistachio although he lost for the very first time, was very impressed with the race he just lost.  "I have never raced like that in all of my life, Furtle.  I will be honored to set Silly Sally free and fix Roberta on me.  I just want one thing from you," Pistachio said.  At this point, Furtle was gritting his teeth and messing his Mohawk.  He knew full well that his win against Pistachio will come at a hefty price.  Then Pistachio continued to speak, "Will you be my friend?  You see, I have none for I am a shark and my presence scares people away!  All I want are some friends in my life like you have.  Do we have a deal?"
    "It's a deal!" Furtle confidently said.  He then breathed a sigh of relief, realizing that he won't be eaten or Roberta won't be scrap metal or a slave for that matter.
    Back at the underwater treehouse, Furtle, Roberta, and Sally were playing ball together when they heard a knock on the door.  It was Pistachio and he wanted to play ball too.  So all four of them played ball and became the best of friends forever.
- Evans Ward Collins

We have to save Silly Sally from Pistachio the Shark.  Furtle Turtle and Roberta Robot went to find Pistachio.  When they found him, he was still mad so they tried talking to him but he wouldn't give in.  So they offered to make peace and all be friends as long as Pistachio promised that he wouldn't eat them.  Pistachio agreed and Pistachio the Shark, Furtle Turtle, Roberta Robot, and Silly Sally played all night long.
- Anonymous

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Once upon a spooky time ago, there was a walking pumpkin named Doogie. He lived in the garden of a sorority house. His best friend was a zombie child named Dr. Ellen Dukenberg (who never had to go to the bathroom). Doogie and Dr. Ellen Dukenberg were psychic.
One day, they were eating butterflies while they talked about haunting people. "I'm bored," Doogie said. "Let's invent a baby."
"How do we do that?" Dr. Ellen Dukenberg asked, chewing a butterfly thoughtfully.
"First," Doogie began, "you take a, um..." He looked around him. "A dragonfruit! Yes!" He picked up a dragonfruit. "Then we need...a two liter of Mountain Dew!" They went into the house and got one from the fridge.
"Then we pick marshmellows from the garden for eyes! And olives for ears! And a pickle for a nose!" said Doogie.
Doogie and Dr. Ellen Dukenberg gathered up some carrots, cucumbers, beef jerky, and a steak. They poured the Mountain Dew over everything.
The pile of stuff started to get bigger. It got bigger and bigger. Suddenly, it turned into a huge baby! "I'M DOCTOR TOMMY POOPYPANTS AND I'M MAD!"
"What have we done?" Dr. Ellen Dukenberg asked . . .

Please finish the story:

Dr. Dukenberg searched for something to kill the evil baby creation.  Doogie jumped in front of the evil baby trying to protect it.  All of a sudden, Doogie passed out.  Dukenberg looked confused until the stinky smell of baby poopy hit her gigantic nostrils.  "Oh my goodness, you stink!" yelled Dr. Ellen Dukenberg.  The evil baby started to laugh.  Dukenberg suddenly had a great idea.  "Tickle, tickle, tickle!" she shouted, walking over to the 7 foot baby.  She began to tickle the baby.  As she tickled the baby, he began to pass a ton of gas, causing him to shrink until disappearing.  Doogie woke up.  "What happened," he asked.  "Let's just say I put an end to a stinky situation," Dukenberg said, bursting into laughter and holding her nose.
-Tiffany Briggs

Then Doogie answered, "It's a baby high on caffeine." Right after the baby circled them while screaming, "you will be my daddy." Doogie and Dr. Ellen Dukenberg hugged each other plus said, "why us?" Instantly they were on the floor with the huge baby on top of them. They were in the office of the Dean of Harvard and said to each other, "Did you see the huge baby too?" They both nodded.
"You have made the baby too big! How are you going to take care of a baby this big? You should start over and this time make him or her smaller, so that you can take care of him or her." Dr. Ellen and Doogie began to make another baby but decided to use a potato for the body, carrots for the arms, corn for the eyes, an apple for the head, and asparagus for the legs and feet. Dr. Poopypants checked the baby and gave Mr. Potatobaby a clean bill of health.
- Stacey Mays

Doogie was amazed it worked, he quickly thought of ways to calm Doctor Tommy Poopypants down before things got any more ugly than they already were. Doogie waddled over to the fridge and shouted, "Quick, Dukenberg, more Mt. Dew!" They poured another two liter of Mt. Dew on Tommy. This definitely didn't help, He doubled in size and became even more angry. "Oh no, what now?" Doogie said. Dukenberg took a second to think about what he could do to fix the madness. "I've got it," he said. He started to explain the master plan of how they need to pour Sierra Mist on him because it was caffeine free. Doogie and Dukenberg poured Sierra Mist all over Tommy. He yelled, "I'm shrinking!" Doctor Tommy Poopypants became a cute little baby. They put him out on the doorstep of the sorority house, went back into the garden, and waited until the sorority sisters came home. When they got home they were in shock. "A baby!"
- Gabrielle Goldhaber

"We forgot to add an ingredient," said Doogie. "What is that?" asked Dr. Ellen Dukenberg. "Love," replied Doogie. The only way to make Tommy good was for Doogie and Dr. Ellen Dukenberg to share love's first kiss. "Quick, before he destroys the sorority," said Dr. Ellen Dukenberg. So they kissed, and Tommy turned into the most beautiful, kind baby. Doogie and Dr. Ellen Dukenberg got married and lived happily ever after . . . until May of 2017, when they got divorced.
- Pat Grimes

Suddenly, Dr. Tommy Poopypants let out a loud roar and ran down the sidewalk, chasing after a man jogging down the street listening to his iPod.  The poor jogger, scared out of his mind, ran as fast as he could, but he was no match for Dr. Poopypants.  After flinging a particularly large wad of poo at the jogger, the poor man lost his balance and fell to the ground.  Terrified and afraid that his life was about to end, the man curled up in a fetal position and began rocking himself back and forth while sucking his thumb.  The monster, however, took pity on his hapless victim and decided to let him live.  Doogie and Dr. Ellen, pleased that their creation had not killed anybody yet, were thrilled.  They all lived happily ever after.

The end. . . (or is it?)

- Tyler Ross

Doctor Tommy Poopypants got so big that he was now bigger than every other creature in the town.  He went through town crushing people's houses and creating a mess!  "Oh no!" cried Doogie.  "We love to haunt people, but we didn't want to create this much trouble!"  "I know!" cried Dr. Ellen Dukenberg.  "Let's say the magic words!"  Together they said "Alakablam!" and Doctor Tommy Poopypants got smaller and smaller and finally vanished.  Relieved the two friends returned to the garden to eat butterflies, very disappointed that their psychic powers could not predict that horrible event.
-    Stacey

A clash of thunder suddenly crashed from the sky, and it suddenly started to rain.  Dr. Ellen Dukenberg and Doogie looked at each other and screamed, "RUN!!!"  They sprinted across the street behind a house that was as haunted and scary as Halloween.  The giant baby followed them, although he wasn't as fast.  They were trying to be as quiet as possible, but the baby's superpowers could sense them.  All of a sudden the baby pushed away some brush and picked up Dr. Ellen Dukenberg.  Just as the baby was about to eat the Doctor, the baby said in the most quiet and little voice, "You're my daddy."
- John

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CURLY GIRLY WAS an elephant who had a curly trunk. Her trunk was as curly as spiral spaghetti. When she uncurled her trunk and blew out of it, she had the ability to make anything curly. 
Curly Girly lived in Iowa. She was, in fact, the only elephant in Davenport. Her best friend was a shiny-silver, one-eyed mouse named Little Squeak who had very straight whiskers. Little Squeak loved candy. He could run a thousand miles in an hour.
One day, Curly Girly and Little Squeak were doing their favorite thing: dressing up like girls, having a whole curly meal (curly turkey, curly cake, curly candy), watching a movie, and then waiting for the symbol to appear in the sky that told them it was time to fight crimes. The symbol was a curly-que and a piece of candy, and when they looked out of the window, there it was.
"I see the symbol! There must be a crime for you and me to fight. Let's go to where the light is flashing and see what's going on," Curly Girly said excitedly.
"Wait! I need to pack my candy and call my family," Little Squeak replied.
"I'll get my trunk ready." Curly Girly started flexing and straightening her trunk. When Little Squeak was ready to go, Curly Girly said, "Up, up, and candy away!" Her trunk started to spin, and Little Squeak jumped on a long piece of salt-water taffy. They flew off into the night.
Soon, they got to downtown Davenport.
They saw their nemesis, Catasaurus, in the town square. Catasaurus was black and orange with colorful spikes going all the way down his back. He was surrounded by people, but no one said a word. The square was as silent as a cloud.
Catasaurus said, "Ha, ha, ha! I used to speak like a toothless baby cow. Moo-goo-goo, that's all I could say. So I've stolen everyone's thoughts and metaphors. Now I speak like Albert Einstein. I'm as clever as a fox." He had a long tube coming out of his mouth to suck up the metaphors.
 "Not so fast," Curly Girly said. "You haven't got our metaphors yet. We're quicker than quicksand."
"Drat!" Catasaurus exclaimed. "I know you guys are really as dumb as rock shaped like a log." He turned his tube on them and . . .

Please finish the story:

. . .began to suck the metaphors out of them but was quickly stopped by a little girl. Her name was Curly Candy Sue and she was dressed like Supergirl. She knew the only way to stop Catasaurus was to destroy his tube. Sue quickly ran into the tube, bending it like a straw. The air passage was blocked. Catasaurus could no longer suck metaphors out of people. He knew he was defeated so he decided to surrender to Curly Girly and Little Squeak. Girly and Squeak were so thankful to Sue that they made her a member of their fighting squad. The three now sit on a boat and wait for their crime symbols to appear in the sky.
- Kelli Sollars

. . . with a single exhale of her breath, Curly Girly unwound her trunk in the direction of Catasaurus' mouth where his long metaphor-sucking tube resided. It was as quick as a noise-making birthday party favor. The straw snapped into a que curlier than a twisty straw. "Try to get our metaphors now!" Little Squeak explained, with his whiskers held out proudly, straighter than raw spaghetti. "Moo-goo-goo!" Catasaurus cried as the metaphors danced away back to their owners like dizzy ballerinas in the sky. Just another day's work, fighting to keep the metaphors flowing.
- Kathryn Hamblin

Curly Girly wasted no time. She stepped on Catasaurus and put an end once and for all to his evil schemes. Unfortunately, Little Squeak was on the ground at that time and got trampled as well. Curly Girly cried for days and days and went on a candy binge to remember her friend. Curly Girly then got a toothache and got all her molars removed due to cavities.
- Alex Kirkpatrick

...began to steal their metaphors. First, he began to suck up Little Squeak thoughts. Second by second, Little  Squeak was losing her thoughts and metaphors. "You'll never get me, I'm as .. . . as . . .as. Oh, no!" Little Squeak screamed. Curly Girly began to think until finally "Ah-ha!" she exclaimed. "Over here, you metaphor stealing catastrophe!" Catasaurus turned his tube on Curly Girly before he could steal her thoughts and metaphors. Curly Girly blew and blew and blew until Catasaurus was a curly mess. In order for him to be uncurled, Curly Girly demanded that he give all the townspeople cheered for Curly Girly. Little Squeak looked up at Curly Girly and said "you're as brave as a lion" and up, up, and away they went.
- Courtney Gilbert

Curly Girly and her sidekick dashed out of the way of the oncoming tube. Catasaurus was now angling up to do it again, right this time. The two crime fighters had to think fast. Curly Girly used her enormous and strong trunk to grab the metaphor sucker out of the hands of Catasaurus. She then reversed it on him, freeing everyone's metaphors back to their own minds, and leaving Catasaurus in a dazed state. All's well in Davenport tonight thanks to these crime fighters. After this ordeal, the two went home to finish where they left off, eating candy!
- Anonymous

... and tried to steal their thoughts and metaphors. Both Curly Girly and Little Squeak wept out of harm's way. Catasaurus charged at Curly Girly giving Little Squeak the opportunity and chose to run and trip Catasaurus from behind. Unbeknownst to Little Squeak that when he tripped, Catasaurus was standing next to a manhole and fell to his death. The heros were upset and when they heard about their actions resigned as super heros and decided to even things out by hanging themselves.
- Ramus Garcia

...started shooting candies shaped like math problems.  Rigid Hershey bars took the shape of equal signs and licorice wands melted into square root symbols.  Curly girl and Little Squeak sought refuge in the alley.  Catasaurus roared with laughter and exclaimed, "COWARDS!"  Curly girl had an idea.  Curly Girl and Little Squeak looked at each other and understood.  Little Squeak jumped out from behind the wall and shouted, "Ha! Ha! Let's see you battle this!"  He whistled and an army of mice scrambled to their aid and charged Catasaurus.  All the civilians fled as the mice rushed toward Catasaurus.  Fear engulfed Catasuarus as the mice crawled up his legs.
- Sara Peters

They soon saw a zebra trying to destroy the world by making it black and white.  Little Squeak jumped down and then Curly Girly threatened to make the zebra into curly candy.  The zebra said that he wasn't worried because he doubted that she could do that.  The zebra already accomplished making about two buildings white and black.  Curly Girly pointed her finger at him and said "Wa-Zamm."  Then all of a sudden the zebra became a white and black Laffy Taffy.
- Anice Sanders

Curly Girly used her power to make the tube curl up and zap Catasuarus.  This did the reverse effect and caused him to lose all of his stolen thoughts and metaphors.  Each thought and metaphor was returned to their rightful owner.  Everyone, except Catasaurus.  He lost every thought he ever had and now instead of "Moo-goo-goo" something like "mmmg" comes out, but he can't remember.  Curly Girly and Little Squeak were proud of their battle won, so they went back home and watched another movie.
- Tanae

    Sucked out their metaphors one by one.  Curly Girl was no longer quicker than quicksand or fast as lightning.  Little Squeak was slow as a slug.
    "Oh no!  Our metaphors!  Our thoughts!  They all are gone!" shouted both the girls.
    "Ha ha!  I told you I would take them.  I am sharp as a tack and you can never get your metaphors back!" exclaimed Catasaurus as he howled with laughter over his evil misdeeds.
    Just as Catasaurus was rolling and the girls were crying, in the sky more heroes would arrive.  Landing on the ground before them was a strong and big elephant with a curly trunk!  Next to her a small, black mouse who was missing an ear.
    "We are Curly Woman and Tiny Boom and are here to save this town's metaphors," they announced with strong passion.  Out of their pockets they pulled a big vacuum.  With the vacuum they smushed and smashed Catasaurus to the ground and sucked up all the metaphors he stole.
    "Now you won't steal from Davenport and to you girls, here are your thoughts.  Here are your metaphors."
    "Oh thank you.  Thank you.  Candy is sweet to my tastebuds, but metaphors are so much sweeter.  I couldn't live my life without them."  Little Squeak jumped around.
    "Candy?!  You love candy too?" Tiny Boom asked.
    "Yes!  Yes!  I eat it every day!"
    "Well then let's bring this evil doer to the jailhouse and go out for candy."  Curly Woman planned.  And that is what they did.  All was well.  All was safe.  Candy and metaphors were sweet to taste.
- Jennifer M. Alexander

Blasted them with metaphors and angry thoughts.  Everything looks all bad for Curly Girly and Little Squeak.  Catasaurus laughs loudly in a sinister tone.  As Catasaurus turns away from them they rise up with a gold aura surround their bodies.  Curly Girly speaks, "that blast was nothing!  I am unharmed, rather I am powerful.  I absorbed the blast and shot it back to the people.  You will not get away with what you did."  Little Squeak runs around Catasaurus and the wind turns into a tornado.  The wind brought Catasaurus up and dropped him.  Curly Girly cuffs him and they all live in peace.
- Samantha Mitchell

Curly Girly began to suck the tube with her trunk.  She sucked it so hard that the tube became curly.  Catasaurus was so mad that he ran away dropping the tube.  Curly Girly and Little Squeak picked up the tube and gave everyone back their metaphors.  Once they were finished, they went back to watching their movie and eating curly candy.
- Sarah Stitt

Curly Girly and Little Squeak were caught in the middle of a huge cloud of cotton candy that was towering over the city. Curly Girly and Little Squeak reached an agreement that the best way to get rid of the cotton candy is to have everyone eat it.  They spread the word and soon everyone began eating the giant cotton candy.  Within a couple minutes the cotton candy was gone.  Curly Girly and Little Squeak finished their job downtown and then went home to go to bed.
- Anonymous

... tried to steal their thoughts and metaphors.  However, thanks to Curly Girly's curly trunk, it sucked in the rays, uncoiled making the waves go back to Catasaurus causing him to speak worse than a toothless baby cow.  The police came and locked him up and they lived happily ever after until it was time for Curly Girly and Little Squeak to fight again.
- Ashlee

Little Squeak and Curly Girly jumped out of the way just barely hitting Little Squeak.  Curly Girly rolled onto her back and sprang into action.  "You really messed up now Catasaurus," stated Curly Girly.  "Oh I'm shaking in my furry boots," said Catasaurus.  Little Squeak ran up behind Catasaurus and karate chopped him over the head with a Laffy Taffy.  As Catasaurus fell to his defense, Curly Girly extended her long trunk and wrapped it around Catasaurus' body until the police came.  Little Squeak was able to grab the tube and give back everyone's metaphors.  And the story ends with Little Squeak and Curly Girly saving the day.
- Adrienne

Started to suck the thoughts and metaphors out of Little Squeak.  Curly Girly wasn't going to stand for this so she straightened out her trunk and blew it at the tube that Catasaurus was using.  The tube started to curl until it was curled into a little knot and then it burst into candy and everyone got their thoughts and metaphors back.  The whole cheered as Curly Girly locked up Catasaurus.  Then Little Squeak and Curly Girly flew back where they ate curly candy and watched a movie before going to bed.
- Katlyn Lethere

...and saw a horse and a pig trying to rob the candy store.  Curly girly and Little Squeak ran up to the pig and the horse without hesitation.  Little Squeak threw a million little gum balls on the floor and made the horse fall.  Curly Girly straightened her trunk and blew the little pig straight through the door.  Curly Girly and Little Squeak yelled, "YAY!! We saved the day."  They walked back home and went to sleep.  The end.
- Dymond Hutchinson

Little Squeak and Curly Girly got ready.  Right when Catasaurus was about to turn the tube on to suck up all their metaphors, they jumped into action.  Curly Girly flexed and straightened her trunk at the tube and it turned curly, pointing back in Catasaurus' face.  He tried to turn it off, but it was too late.  All the stolen metaphors got sucked back out.  As Catasaurus vomited metaphors, Little Squeak got everybody to jump around and catch their metaphors.  When everyone got their metaphors back, they all started talking at once, telling stories and shouting and singing.  Catasaurus, stripped of his stolen abilities, couldn't even speak like a toothless baby cow.  He could only drool.  Then Little Squeak stuffed salt-water taffy in his mouth and Catasaurus couldn't talk ever again.  Iowa went back to normal and it rocked.  The end.
-  Eva Colas

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