Campus Life
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 2:06 PM to Writing Corps.
 I consider myself to be a good writer. I love to draw so naturally when I draw I add a story line or some type of wording to my art work. It then turns into a comic. I really don't get writers block on things I love to write about like sports or cartoons. My one problem that I have is that i usually write how I talk. Don't get me wrong I am a very intelligent young man but sometimes it is a lot easier for me to write what I want to say if I write it the way that I would say it if that makes any sense at all. When I do write about things, I usually have my mother proof read it because she is excellent writer in my eyes. If she can't proof read then I have three or four different people proof read in her place. I love my mother with all my heart and she is the reason  why I write. I remember about five years ago i was drawing several different pictures of the same thing but in different ways. My mother took a look at them and told me that I should add words to the pictures. She told me to make a comic. I told her thats what I was doing, but there were no words to it. My plan was to get whoever was looking at the comic to add there own words to it. So we I did both, one with words and one without. She is the reason why I write.

-By Trevon Paris