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October 20, 2009

Student Center Ballroom

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), the National Day on Writing (NDoW) is intended to draw attention to the remarkable variety of writing all of us--students, teachers, staff, administrators, everyone!--engage in. It is also designed to help make us, as writers from all walks of life, aware of our craft. (To learn more about this day, visit:

How will EMU participate in the NDoW?

We will have events and activities for the entire campus community in the Student Center Ballroom. Activities include:

  • Writing Marathons: Writing marathons are occasions for writers to write in a series of locations, experiencing both what inspires them and what happens to their writing when they compose in different contexts. Maps will be available with several routes (long, short, varying stops), along with directions on how to participate. Writers will return to the Ballroom afterward to share writing and to reflect on their experience.
  • WritingCorps: Modeled after NPR’s StoryCorps, WritingCorps will invite participants to reflect (on audio or video) on a piece of writing that is meaningful to them.
  • Writing Activities: We will have stations throughout the Ballroom to give writers an opportunity to try out some short kinds of fun, lively, and engaging writing.
  • Roving Reporters: Writers will have a chance to check out a Flip video camera and a “press pass” and will have 20 minutes to walk around campus to interview faculty, students, and staff about their writing practices.
  • Students will get “Passports” for the day, with stamps for the various activities in which they participated and stickers that say, “I wrote at EMU.” LBC event credit will be available.
  • National Gallery. Submissions from the NDoW can be uploaded to the National Gallery of Writing, a virtual gallery of work from across the country. EMU will have its own virtual room in this gallery, and any of the writing (and podcasts and videos) that EMU writers produce on this day can be uploaded to this site.

How can I participate?

Students: Show up at the Student Center on October 20! Select from the activities listed; bring your creativity and desire to write.

Faculty: Please encourage your students to drop by the Student Center on October 20, and please also think about dropping by yourself--everyone can participate. If you want to structure a whole class activity that connects to the National Day on Writing, please let us know. And feel free to contact us if you have questions or ideas to help promote this day across campus.

Staff and Alumni: You can participate in any of the activities listed, and also encourage any students you know to join us.

Contacts/NDOW Coordinators:
Cathy Fleischer -
Linda Adler-Kassner -