Campus Life
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 12:27 PM to Writing Corps.
By Christine Bailey
Ever since I was a little girl I only liked to write what I wanted to write about. To this day....I am still as stubborn as I was then. When a teacher tells to me write about something that I have no interest in I will put it off until the last minute, but not anymore. On my first day here at EMU I was nervous of what would be expected, but then I went to English class. My teacher told us she wouldn't make us write about anything WE didn't want to write about....I was soooo excited!!! Now I do my homework waaaay before it's due and I actually spend time on it. When I first started writing I did poetry because I wanted to be just like my oldest sister. Poetry is a way to express feelings in a powerful way and I enjoy it a lot. So I am more of express my feelings kind of person rather then here's the facts kind of person. BUT today we are having a National Writing Day here at EMU and some of the activities are actually helping me with my writing! =)