Campus Life
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 10:04 AM to Writing Corps.
I write all kinds of things all of the time.  I do not stick with any one genre or theme usually.  Whatever strikes me at any given time is what I write.  I love writing poetry, random little blurbs that make no sense to anyone else, short stories, songs, -- which could by all means be considered lyrical poetry-- recipes, and so much more.  

My writing style usually involves some sort of humor.  Sometimes it's dark, satirical humor, sometimes slapstick goofball stuff, but humor nonetheless.  I actually find it difficult to write very seriously.  If I'm writing a fact-based research paper or something of the like, I can cut the humor... However, when a prompt is left wide open and can be taken anywhere it usually ends up somewhere strange and unusually entertaining. 

I write because writing makes me happy. =)  I am a very bubbly, out-going, extrovert and I love to incorporate that in my writing.  Most of the time my characters and happy-go-lucky and free-spirited and always have a good time.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, journalling and blogging are like therapy for me.  When something bums me out or makes me upset, I write about it or about something alluding to it.  I also write to entertain people.  I love making people laugh, smile, and think about life in a brighter light.  It makes for a much happier existence when you're not always down in the dumps.

By:  Krista D. Thore