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Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 2:14 PM to Writing Corps.
Hi my name is Tracie and I love to write, mostly when I am not being force to do so.  My writing is most influence upon emotions.  I tend to write more when I am not happy or confused.  This trend started when I was younger.  Often as a little girl I would barricade myself in my room with a book.  I enjoyed a love for reading, and found escape in different stories, from my own reality. Now that I am older, my love for reading has transformed into a love for writing.  Although I love reading other authors, I am my most favorite.  There are many stories to tell, and many ways to tell them.  I determine the outcome!  I don't necessarily have to be upset to be inspired to write(therapy, I call it), but I love humor, and I sort of think of myself as a comedian.  If I am an a humorous mood, I will write also. This is Why I write.

How I write.. .  I write better in the wee hours, when everyone is still.  I really need quiet, no distractions.  I also find it easier to use a word processor rather than a pen, or pencil.  A word processor works best for me only because my mind can move a lot faster than a pencil, and I am quick to loose a thought.  Oh, and chocolates with a cup of coffee also helps.

What I write....Top of the list is poetry.  I'm not too expressive verbally, but I can really put it down on paper.  I also like to write short stories..a little drama, and some comedy.
One day I would love to write my own biography...
-------By Tracie Kirk