Campus Life
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 10:15 AM to Writing Corps.
Words are defined as letters jammed together to make words that communicate our thoughts, to me they are so much more. Writing to me is a liberation from everyday life. Where one can express hidden feelings and explore uncharted aspects of our minds. I began writing when I was thirteen. Adolescents was a particularly rough part of my life and writing became a security blanket. Whether my parents were fighting or I was being bullied in school when my pen would touch the paper a calm would wash over me. From the age of thirteen until now I usually just free write. I sit down and don't pay attention to grammar, spelling, or sentence structure. I simply write what I'm thinking as it occurs to me. I do this for probably an hour. Afterwards I read it back to myself and I'm amazed at what i've produced. There's hidden eloquence in the honesty of free writing I find it hard to sit down and write with genuine purpose. The only reason why I write is to free myself. To me thats all writing is, liberation of the soul. Writing uncovers hidden intelligence, wisdom, and honesty. I write to uncover what is hidden in me.