Campus Life
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:42 AM to Writing Corps.
As a child, writing started out as a fun, inviting activity. Often I wrote poetry, short stories, and journals expressing my creativity and youthful prowess without any concern for real world issues and harsh realities. I would like to say it stayed that way throughout my childhood, however things quickly changed once I entered third grade: a teacher of mine threw away a poem I'd written for a poetry contest an that's when I felt ashamed of my writing for the first time. I stopped journaling, writing poems and short stories after that, and I focused on anything except writing. 

I've had many instances of this memory play out in my life, removing me from the path of writing for writings' sake; but it seems like there's always something to get me back on track. Something always calls me back to writing. I think it is the feeling of freedom and sheer enjoyment I feel putting pen to paper and exposing parts of my thought process and creativity I wouldn't reveal otherwise, not even to myself. So as I embark on my journey through graduate school, I remember that it's not about the destination of writing - anyone can finish a paper. What's most important is my journey through the process of learning each time to love writing itself.