Campus Life
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:58 AM to Writing Corps.
Writing seems to become more and more apart of my life since I started school.  Every year there seems to be some sort of task that seems like a big deal that has to do with writing.  I usually dread it but for some odd reason when I actually get motivated and lost in my thoughts of what I am putting on that paper it actually feels pretty good.  I can usually get some good stuff written.  There are a few things that I won't forget in my writing history.  One of them is a Human evolution essay that I wrote for my advanced biology class my senior year of high school.  I feel that this paper will stick with me for a while because I put a lot of energy into it and had some fun while doing it.  It was very interesting.  Also I remember a report I did in 3rd grade on president Andrew Johnson.  That was my first real research assignment and I got an A! I was so excited about it.  Most of the reasons why I write I for school.  I do not believe that I am the type of person that would just write if it wasn't for school.  I do enjoy writing for school and trying to put my ideas into an amazing paper.