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Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 2:48 PM to Writing Corps.
Writing has been something that has changed my life tremendously. In some ways it really helped me through my childhood, one that could be rough at many times. I have no write to complain since most people have rough childhoods and have things happen to them. However, to find writing in my life and have it change so much about how I viewed my situation is worth sharing. 

When I was really young my parents got a divorce, as any of us know that went through that, it was devastating. When your a kid you don't expect things like that to happen to you. When it did  I went through a lot of stuff all at the same time. Family problems were of course there, and truly I was a lonely kid. I didn't have many friends and I was a slightly strange kid. This went on for a few years. Being a loner I found things to keep myself busy. One of these activities was running around my lawn fighting invisible monsters. It was my own world away from everything. I was the hero, and it was a world I could control. As I got older this became problematic for obvious reasons. It was awful hard to fight monsters when your in the 6th grade at school. Kids don't tend to see them and your not as cool as the imaginary you. Thats when we had a week program of writing at our school.

This program was going on to give us a intro into poetry and short story writing. I took it very serious while learning this stuff. After this program I began to turn my imaginary worlds into stories. In no time at all I had written enough stories to probably drive my mom crazy. This really helped me while growing up, made me feel special. We often had to write short stories for school, and I was up for it. Other kids always told me I was a good writer, and for me at that point in my was priceless. From that point on I've written short stories and poetry. 

Finally as time went on I didn't feel so sad and even ended up going out for sports. I made a big turn around and began making friends and becoming social. I went from the shy loner to the outgoing football player. I guess I can't be sure whether or not writing was the cause for all the events I have just disclosed but if not it still makes a good story to tell. Either way it made me realize that maybe this world and my imaginary worlds didn't have to be oceans away from each other.    
By: Cody Bentley