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Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 11:11 AM to Writing Corps.
The question is "What do you write, how do you write, and why do you write?"  Everyone has their own particular style in writing, but today I will be answering the above question in reference to myself.

When I write, it is primarily due to an assignment in class.  If the teacher, assigns an essay, a paper, or a blog entry thats what I write.  If given a preference on what I enjoy writing it would be fictional stories.

I've observed many people using different techniques when it comes to writing. Today, I won't go into the various groups, but instead will identify my writing as what I call "the direct approach to writing".  I would say on most occasions students will create and outline of some sort but beginning their paper, but I instead skip this step and begin the paper.  I do admit to using the outlining technique if I'm "flat-lining" on the paper but generally, I feel it can be a waste of time when the outline is already in my head.

The main reason why I write is because it is an assignment.  Besides e-mail and Facebook, I'd say I don't write at all in my free time.  Writing is a pain at times, and after constructing a paper for a few hours on end, writing "for fun" never seems a tempting idea.